Om Mona Nygren


My life journey is a complex way into beeing. Now in 2019 it’s 31 years of deep searching. I now have the resources within myself that I need to have to live in peace in ease. Bodyvisdom. Open senses, a direction and a strong trust in my life.

The journey begins

Being born as premature twin in the early 1970s set some challenges that were hard to cope with. Prematurity resulted to underdeveloped intestines and hypersensitivity that lead to repetitive infections also poor social engagement.
After finishing school I got a scholarship. Unfortunately I got also an immunedisease that stopped my career as a chef. At the age of 18 I experienced a shock trauma and went through multiple surgeries and had to learn to walk and interact again, where pain was a signal that the body needs help because there’s something wrong. I could not find help so I had to learn how to switch off the sensations, feelings and emotions instead of healing. This experience taught me to live the best I can and triggered interest in learning self-help down to a nervous system level. My start in self help was very basic; get some routines, training my body, eat and work, I liked it better than painkillers and sleeping meds.

A new chapter

At 30 when I had been working successfully for many years. I had no energy left, made some life changes and started searching for help with out finding someone that could understand complex trauma. My history was too complicated so I moved to the coutryside and got myself a horse. Connecting to my feeling of safety and rhythm, I started my life connecting to nature and long lost interest discovered during childhood. My horse showed me what I needed: Take better care of myself. So I started yoga, which lead to discovering Psoas, Continuum Movement, Blomberg Rhytm Movement and Somatic Experiencing, SOMA Embodiment.

Deeper interest for the almighty Psoas

I just knew what potential my search for body sensation provided for my health, so I learned more about the importance of combining active rest, rhythm and movement and how to implement them. I started to feel more secure, calm and confident by incorporating exploring movements and sound. It woke me and taught me gratitude on a new level. This opened a whole new dimension. It started with short moments where I left my traumatic experiences and got a taste of the healing power the methods I started using have. The journey hasn’t been easy but it’s the only way and now it’s rewarding me with life without suffering.

Health through trauma knowledge

My goal is guide you by teaching what trauma is and ways to get out of what it holds inside.  In my opinion it’s our right to learn how to take better care of ourselves so we can live as independent and valuable individuals.

Developmental trauma, stress and emotional fatigue, shock trauma and hypersensitivity are something everyone needs to understand in order to be able to move towards a sustainable future.

Monas background

  • high culinary chef with interest in vegetarian and vegan food.
  • yogateacher
  • Ayurvedisc health consultant
  • Vedic Art teacher
  • Psoas och nervoussystem education via Liz Koch, Continuum Movement and Richard Freeman
  • Blomberg Rythmical Movement Training at Harald Blomberg, primitive reflexes.
  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. SEP and post advanced Medical Trauma. Also Working with children with Ale Duarte and SOMA Embodiment with Sonia Gomes.

Today I’m holding workshops, give sessions and treatments in body-based traumahealing, a greater understanding of your nervous-system, stress reactions and unconscious patterns that affects everyday health and well-being. Fridays at Yogamana in Stockholm.