Mona Nygren

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Mona Nygren

Socialpedagog med inriktning på kroppsbaserad traumamedventenhet

Utbildningar som erhåller en Practitioner standard:
Somatic Experience, SOMA Embodiment, Blomberg Rytmisk Rörelseträning, Rayonex Bioresonans, Compassionate Inquiry.

Genom egen rehabilitering utifrån utvecklingstrauma via en rad olyckor i tonåren med komplicerade utmaningar har Mona senare jobbat med att hjälpa andra, under
de senaste 20 åren aktivt med alternativa metoder från yoga och Ayurveda till psykiatern Harald Blombergs holistiska Rytmisk Rörelseträning och vidare till internationella utbildningar i kroppsbaserad traumahantering.

Mona faciliterar personliga onlinesessioner i kroppsbaserad traumahantering och en psykodynamisk, relationell reglering genom Compassionate Inquiry. Personliga behandlingar och sessioner i Rytmisk Rörelseträning och Somatic Experiencing utförs vid mottagningen i Rådmanby, Norrtälje samt på söder i Stockholm.

Monas traumaarbete kompletteras med Rayonex bioresonans, genom analyser och balansering stärks kroppen ur ett helhetligt perspektiv, en möjlighet att stärka upp eller sensibilisera för att minska medicinska biverkningar, testa intoleranser,  ge kostråd och vitamin/mineral status.
Vid behov och önskemål ingår råd för sunda dagliga rutiner och kost utifrån ett Ayurvediskt perspektiv.

Inre Ledarskap – webbkurs med individuella sessioner och video/text material för grundläggande kunskap i självreglering (materialet ligger i en stängd grupp på Facebook.) Kursen ger fri tillgång till gruppträffen i ett år. Här och Just nu, – resurs och självreglering i gruppträff online på Zoom. Nyckeln ligger i att hitta sin autencitet, viljan och sunda gränser genom lekfullhet och kontakt med alla sinnen och riktningar för kroppsbaserad traumamedvetenhet utifrån polyvagalteorin (safe & social) med kroppen som trygghetsankare.

Resiliens och Resonans – traumahealing – en kunskaps bank med bl a videoföreläsningar i ämnet kroppsbaserad traumahantering.



Hello. My name is Mona and my life’s journey is a complex way into beeing.
Now in 2021, it’s 33 years of deeper searching. I now have the resources within myself that I need to have to live in peace in ease. Body Wisdom. A clear direction and a strong trust in my own life.

The journey begins

Being born as premature twin in the early 1970s set some challenges that were hard to cope with. Prematurity resulted to poor digestion and hypersensitivity that lead to repetitive infections also, accidents and poor social engagement. And life got worse so by the age of 27 it was almost over.


A new chapter

I had manage to aviod my health by working successfully for many years and was suffering from physical injuries and past experiences. I ended up depleted, made some drastic life changes and started searching for help. My history was too complicated, by that time the knowledge of trauma was poor, so my solution was to move away from the things I could not cope with in life. Settled at the countryside I got myself a horse. Connecting to my feeling of safety and rhythm, I turned my life towards nature and long lost interest discovered during childhood. My horse showed me what I needed: Take better care of myself. So I started yoga, which lead to discovering Psoas, Continuum Movement, Blomberg Rhythmic Movement and Somatic Experiencing along with SOMA Embodiment and Compassionate Inquiry.

Deeper interest for the almighty Psoas
I had been waiting for so many years, and just knew what potential my search for body sensation provided for my health, so I learned more about the importance of combining conscious rest, rhythm and movement and how to implement them. I started to feel more secure, calm and confident by incorporating exploring movements and vibrational sounds. It woke me and taught me gratitude on a new level. This opened a whole new dimension. It started with short moments where I left my traumatic experiences and got a taste of the healing power. The journey hasn’t been easy, but it’s the only way and now it’s rewarding me with life without suffering.

Health and healing through trauma knowledge

Today I guide others by teaching what trauma is about, and ways out of what it holds inside.

In my opinion it’s our right to learn how to take better care of ourselves so we can live as independent and valuable individuals.

Developmental trauma, stress and emotional fatigue, shock trauma and hypersensitivity are something everyone needs to understand in order to be able to move towards a sustainable future.

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